Whirligig to Return as DC Super-Villain Swing, New Attraction Renderings

Concept art for the all-new DC Super-Villain Swing. Credit: Fiesta Texas (Click to Enlarge)

The Fate of Whirligig

Six Flags Fiesta Texas released information this past information regarding the fate of Whirligig. The attraction is currently being refurbished and is scheduled to return in early summer as DC Super-Villain Swing. The attraction, once refurbished, will feature theming to a number of DC Comics villains. Each “panel” of the ride will feature a mural to a specific character. Guests, seated in individual swings, will fly through the air in tight circles during the ride experience.

Individual renderings of many of these mural panels featuring DC Comics villains can be found by clicking the button below.

More Details - The Joker Carnival of Chaos

Much like the new Pirates of the Deep Sea attraction, The Joker Carnival of Chaos will have two different segments of queue. The first segment will be an outdoor area in which guests wait while observing the ride in action. The second segment, however, will feature an indoor fun house concept. Fiesta Texas will allow only a limited number of guests into the fun house queue at a time to enhance the overall experience. Riders will be faced with DC Comics villains, such as Poison Ivy and The Joker, before heading back outside to experience this record-breaking attraction.

During the outside portion of the ride’s queue, guests will be greeted by imagery of other DC Comics villains. Renderings of this imagery, along with other The Joker Carnival of Chaos-related pieces, can be found by clicking the button below.

The main entrance to The Joker Carnival of Chaos. The indoor fun house queue concept can be seen in the background. Credit: Fiesta Texas (Click to Enlarge)

Other DC Universe-Related Renderings

Below is a quick look at other enhancements happening to the newly-formed DC Universe area. We expect these changes to take place in the early summer months when the listed attractions above are opened to the public. Please note that the renderings below are just a portion of changes and upgrades taking place within this new park area. Images below are credited to Fiesta Texas.