Fright Fest officially began during the 1989 season at Six Flags Over Texas. However, Fiesta Texas was not born until 1992 nor managed under the Six Flags name until 1996. Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a leading park in terms of live entertainment and Fright Fest is no exception. The park's premier show, Monster Mash Bash, helped win Fiesta Texas the Golden Ticket for best shows 10 years in a row and continues to be a popular staple during Fright Fest.

Today, Fiesta Texas provides guests with numerous live shows, haunted houses, and scare zones. In 2016, Fiesta Texas was also the first Six Flags park to offer free admission to their haunted houses. Each year the park continues to extend their offerings line-up as well as other unique decor and theming around the park.


Live Entertainment (2018)

Fiesta Texas is known best for their live entertainment year-round and Fright Fest is no exception. Shows are free with park admission.

Haunted Houses (2018)

Haunted Houses, a Fright Fest staple, are FREE at Fiesta Texas! Premium upgrades are still available to reduce wait times. Most haunted houses open at 6:00pm nightly. Blood Bayou Haunted Trail opens at 7:30pm nightly.

One-Day Upgrade
$14.99 VIP Express Pass (One-Day)

Express house entry wristband for one Fright Fest visit.
All-Season Upgrade
$24.99 VIP Express Pass (All-Season)

Express house entry wristband during every Fright Fest visit.

Scare Zones (2018)

Scare zones are themed areas of the park that feature monsters whom frighten those walking through. The park recommends that guests sensitive to these conditions enjoy the park during the day. Scare zones are “activated” at 7:30pm each evening.

Kid-Friendly Activities (2018)

During the day, younger guests can enjoy the following kid-friendly activities prior to the evening’s intense environment.

  • Looney Tunes Twick or Tweat Trail - Visit Kidzopolis during the day for an excursion with your favorite Looney Tunes friends to collect candy and other goodies along the "Twick or Tweat Trail."

Fright Fest Media

Helpful Tips

Dress Code
Guests 12 Years Old & Under
  • Can wear a full costume, mask, and face painting if accompanied by an adult family member.
  • If this guest is alone or with same-aged children, then no masks or face makeup is allowed.
  • Masks with "bloody" features are not allowed.
  • Guests this age may only partially paint their face (no more than half the face can be painted).
  • Can bring toy accessories including plastic swords, magic wands, crowns, and wearable ears. Toy guns, pitchforks, and objects with "bloody" features are not permitted. All toy accessories must pliable and non-sharp plastic.

Guests 13 Years & Older
  • These guests can wear costumes.
  • There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these rules: no masks, costumes cannot have inappropriate language or imagery, partial face paint is allowed as long as it does not disguise facial features (no more than half the face painted), no handheld accessories (guns, chains, swords, wands, etc.) of any kind are permitted.
  • All costumes must be appropriate and family-friendly.
Diamond/Diamond Elite Perks
The park is offering several perks for these membership levels during their Fright Fest event:
  • Diamond Elite members receive a VIP Express Pass EACH visit for haunted houses (pick up at Member Services).
  • Diamond members receive a VIP Express Pass ONE visit for haunted houses (pick up at Member Services).
  • VIP entry and seating will be available for both membership levels at live shows.
  • The park's new haunted house, Midnight Museum of the Macabre, is open from 6pm to 7pm exclusively for Diamond and Diamond Elite members only.
PLEASE NOTE: Discounts are NOT available on haunted house passes during Fright Fest.

Thrills by Day, Fright by Night
Six Flags Fiesta Texas will still provide a family-friendly atmosphere during the daytime hours of operation. However, once the sun sets, the atmosphere will change to a more frightening setting. The nighttime event is recommended for guests older than 12.

Award-Winning Entertainment
Fiesta Texas provides a handful of great entertainment during Fright Fest. One can't-miss show is Monster Mash Bash. This show takes place at the end of each night in Lone Star Lil's Amphitheater. We recommend that you arrive to shows early as they are quite popular during this time of season and seating is limited. More information regarding shows can be found in the Live Entertainment section above.

FREE Haunted Houses
A great aspect of Fright Fest is that all haunted houses are free with park admission. With free haunted houses comes longer lines, however. We recommend looking into one of the upgraded haunted house packages once at the park as it will make your visit more enjoyable and you will not spend your whole evening waiting in line. Pricing for upgraded packages can be found in the "Haunted Houses" section above.

Please note that the park typically offers these passes at a discount if you purchase on their main website.
Tips for Avoiding Crowds
We do not have a 100% guaranteed solution for avoiding crowds. This is one of the busiest times of the year to visit a Six Flags park. However, there are a few methods we have tried in the past that have helped:
  • Go earlier in the season. Fright Fest starts in September. You will likely not run into the heavy crowds that are present the closer it gets to Halloween.
  • Go on an off-day. Have you thought about going to Fright Fest during the week on a Friday? This has sometimes been a great way to avoid the weekend crowd.
  • Do not go on coupon dates. If there is a deal for bringing friends free or discounted tickets we highly recommend that you do not go to the park if you are bothered by large crowds.
  • Try going on a Sunday. This isn't always the case, but sometimes Sunday is a less-crowded day than Saturday. We still think the closer it gets to Halloween the busier Sundays will inevitably get.

Unavoidable Scare Zones
Fiesta Texas has added a handful of scare zones over recent years. While it is perfectly okay to walk through these during the day, they will transform into a different world at night. Scare zones are full of characters with the sole purpose of scaring guests around them. Please keep in mind that many of these areas are unavoidable when trying to reach certain park attractions and areas at night.

When is the park open for Fright Fest?
Fright Fest operates on select dates between September 13 and October 27 in 2019. Six Flags Fiesta Texas' main website has a full listing of all park hours.

Ride Closures
Six Flags Fiesta Texas does close some rides and attractions at certain times during Fright Fest. These usually include smaller children's attractions. Did you know? We have a page listing all rides and attractions. Each dedicated ride page has the ability to show special information, such as scheduled ride closures, so be sure to check them out for special Fright Fest-related information.