DC Universe
48 Inches
Seatbelt Restraints
Medium Thrill
Flash Pass Attraction

Opened 1992
Ride Type Wave Swinger
Manufacturer Zierer
Ride Colors Blue & Black

A rendering for the all-new DC Super-Villains Swing. Credit: Fiesta Texas (Click to Enlarge)

A Villainous Twist

Whirligig, then known as Die Fledermaus, is an original attraction that opened with Fiesta Texas in 1992. A great family attraction, riders board their own swings and enjoy a calming ride spinning through the air. In 2018, the park announced that Whirligig would be refurbished and transformed into Crime Wave to coincide with the addition of The Joker Carnival of Chaos across the pathway. However, a “change in plans” was announced in 2019 and Whirligig returned to the park as DC Super-Villains Swing!

Ride History


  • Die Fledermaus is renamed Whirligig.


  • Whirligig is closed in the summer for refurbishment. The ride was set to come back rethemed as Crime Wave in 2019.


  • Whirligig undergoes major refurbishment and retheming.

  • In February, the ride’s name is changed from Crime Wave to DC Super-Villains Swing prior to reopening.

Construction Updates

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