What is the Visit Planner?

The Visit Planner is a simplified way to plan your visit to the park. We break down your visit to the park into three main categories:

  • Purchasing Admission - Deciding between purchasing a daily ticket, a season pass, or membership and looking at various parking options.

  • In-Park Deals - Different levels of Dining Passes and other options to create a financially-smart and efficient experience while at the park.

  • Premium Options - Looking at the different levels of Flash Pass, VIP tours, and cabana rentals within the water park.


Purchasing Admission

Six Flags Fiesta Texas has many different park admission options. If you want the minimal up-front costs of a membership or are just planning to visit for a day, the park has you covered. The pricing fluctuates throughout the season so it is important to plan out when you would like to purchase your admission. The park works like many retail chains in the sense that passes and memberships go on sale around holidays. 

Monthly & Yearly Memberships

Memberships are split up into four tiers. Each tier provides a different set of benefits that surpass the previous level. We recommend clicking on the button below to do a side-by-side comparison of all benefits for each level of membership. Memberships can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis. Monthly memberships must be active for a minimum of 12 months. Below is a look at the main benefits found with each level.


  • All the same perks as the Gold Plus Membership.

  • Up to 25% off almost everything, including 15% off food and drink.

  • One-time Diamond Preferred parking.

  • Other premium free upgrades and bonuses.


  • All the same perks as a Gold Plus and Platinum Membership.

  • Diamond Preferred parking every visit.

  • Skip one major ride line every visit.

  • Save up to 35% on almost everything.

  • Premium reserved Diamond seating at live shows.

  • Exclusive water park Diamond area access.

  • Diamond-level upgrades and surprises.

Diamond Elite

  • All the same perks as the other three Membership levels above.

  • Diamond Priority Preferred parking every visit.

  • Skip two major ride lines each visit.

  • Save up to 50% on almost everything.

  • Receive a Fright Fest wrist band and other holiday treats.

  • Exclusive reserved Diamond Elite seating at live shows.

  • Exclusive water park Diamond area access.

  • Top-tier bonuses, upgrades, and specials.

Membership Rewards

Membership Rewards is a loyalty system started by Six Flags for those who have any level of the membership options listed above. Once a membership is purchased guests can log into their Membership Portal and register for the Membership Rewards loyalty program. How does it work? Each time you visit a park, make a purchase, or check into rides and shows you will gain rewards points. Park visits are automatically monitored each time you scan your membership card to enter the park. When purchasing food or shop items make sure your membership card is scanned to ensure points are given. The official Six Flags app allows you to check into rides/attractions as well as shows during each visit to Six Flags parks.

Points System

Below are the most common ways to earn points during visits:

  • 50 Points - Visiting Your Home Park

  • 100 Points - Visiting a Distant Park

  • 25 Points - Per Every Dollar Spent

  • 6 Points - Seeing Shows

  • 3 Points - Riding Rides


Rewards redemption can take place in the Membership Portal along with a listing of all points earned. Rewards include:

  • Food Discounts

  • Extra Charge Attraction Experiences

  • Upgraded Parking

  • Cabana/Tube Rentals at Water Parks

  • On-Ride & Character Photos

We recommend the Diamond or Diamond Elite Memberships. Both provide great in-park benefits, premier-level parking, reserved show seating, and huge discounts on in-park purchases. Memberships can be managed via the Membership Portal.

Daily Tickets & Season Passes

Daily Tickets

  • Valid for one visit to the park.

  • Can be purchased at the park or online.

  • Typically cheaper when purchased in advance online.

  • Purchasing online also saves you time at the park as you will skip the ticket booth lines.

  • A great idea for those who only plan on visiting the park once a season.

Season Passes


  • Unlimited visits to the park throughout the season with no blackout dates.

  • Bring-a-Friend Free coupons.

  • Other discount coupons available.

  • Unlimited visits to other Six Flags parks.

  • Parking not included with the purchase of a regular season pass.


  • The same benefits as a regular season pass.

  • Parking included with gold season pass.

  • Extra Bring-a-Friend Free days.

We recommend a season pass over a daily ticket ONLY if you plan on going multiple times a year. However, we still would choose a membership option over a season pass as there are many more benefits.


Daily & Preferred

  • Each are valid for only one visit.

  • Daily is the cheaper option. However, you will park in the regular parking lot.

  • Preferred is a premium option that puts you closer to the front gate.

Season & Membership

  • Season parking allows you to park unlimited times during the season at Six Flags. This is one up-front cost each season.

  • Membership parking allows you to park unlimited times during the season at Six Flags. This is a monthly payment plan.

Please Note: Some season pass and membership options already come with parking!


In-Park Deals

There are many in-park options to think about during your visit. We have presented some options below that can potentially save you a great amount of money in the long run if you are planning to visit Six Flags Fiesta Texas or other in-chain parks throughout the season. Like season passes and memberships, pricing on dining passes typically fluctuates throughout the season and on holidays. 

Eating at the Park

Dining Passes


  • Valid only at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. 

  • Lunch and snack provided for each visit.


  • Valid at every Six Flags park.

  • Lunch, snack, and dinner provided for each visit.

  • A souvenir cup with unlimited free refills is provided.

  • In-park discounts on merchandise.

One-Day Dining

  • Valid only on the day of purchase.

  • Lunch, dinner, and a snack on the day of your visit.

  • Includes a souvenir bottle that has free refills on the day of your visit.


Meal Deals

  • Purchase online in advance before you visit the park.

  • Typically cheaper than purchasing the meal in-park.

  • Very limited food and restaurant options when using a meal voucher.

  • You must plan what you would like to eat in advance.

We recommend the Premium Dining Pass as it includes three daily dining options and a souvenir cup that provides free refills all season. If you are only visiting the park once in a season, One-Day Dining is a nice option as long as you plan on eating multiple meals while at the park.

Various Money-Saving Options

Souvenir Bottles

  • A basic souvenir bottle provides free refills the day of purchase and $0.99 refills each visit after.

  • A premium souvenir bottle provides free refills each visit during the season (the park does not always sell these without the purchase of a Dining Pass).

  • Both options are valid at every Six Flags park.

  • Please note that some membership and dining pass options already come with a souvenir bottle and you will not be required to purchase additional quantities.

All-Season Picture Passes

  • Unlimited on-ride and meet-and-greet photos (digital uploads).

  • One free printed photo each month.

  • Digital scrapbook for easy social sharing and downloading.

  • Discounts on photo-related merchandise.

  • Only valid at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

Shopping Passes

  • 20% off select merchandise with no minimum purchase amount required.

  • Typically comes with a bonus coupon at purchase.

  • Valid at every Six Flags theme park in the chain.

  • Please note that membership tiers do give shopping discounts.


Premium Options

Premium options include features that are intended to make your visit above-average. They are not a necessity but may be worth a look if you are wanting to get a lot done in a little amount of time, are wanting to experience the park in a different way, or are wanting to add a more luxury feel. 

Flash Passes

  • Each Flash Pass can hold up to 5 people (each person is an additional charge).

  • Flash Pass is available on the following rides: Batman: The Ride, Boomerang, Bugs’ White Water Rapids, Fireball, Gully Washer, Iron Rattler, Pandemonium, Pirates of the Deep Sea, Poltergeist, Road Runner Express, Scream, SkyScreamer, Superman Krypton Coaster, and Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster (ride availability subject to change without notice).

  • Flash Pass can be purchased three different ways:

    • Daily - Purchase and use for one day.

    • Season - A yearly option available at the Gold and Platinum Flash Pass level. Reservations are guaranteed. You can upgrade the Flash Pass for an additional fee. All-Season Flash Passes can be used unlimited visits while valid. Only valid at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

    • Membership - A monthly Flash Pass option if you are a Six Flags member. Available at the Gold and Platinum Flash Pass level. Membership discounts apply to the monthly price. Membership Flash Passes can be used unlimited visits while valid. Only valid at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

Regular Level

  • Wait times are the same as the regular line. However, you do not have to physically wait in the line.


Gold Level

  • Cut your wait time by 50% without physically waiting in line.

Platinum Level

  • Cut your wait time by 90% without physically waiting in line.

Other Premium Options


VIP Tours

VIP Lite

  • Self-guided tour package.

  • Admission and parking included.

  • Two meal vouchers select restaurants and souvenir bottles with unlimited refills the day of your visit.

  • Front-of-the-line privileges (immediate re-boarding not allowed).

VIP Experience

  • Private, guided tour for your family/group.

  • Admission and parking (upgraded to preferred) included.

  • Lunch and dinner with reserved seating.

  • Unlimited snacks.

  • Your choice of souvenir bottles or hot chocolate mug with unlimited refills the day of your visit.

  • Front-of-the-line privileges (immediate re-boarding not allowed).

  • Souvenir on-ride or character photo included.

Cabanas (White Water Bay)


  • Holds up to 4 guests.

  • Cabana is private and can be used to store personal items.

  • Fridge included with soft drinks and bottled water.


  • Holds up to 4 guests.

  • The same amenities as found in the standard cabana package.

  • Wait service for your dining needs.

Do you currently have a membership? VIP tour packages and cabanas are offered at discounted rates for members.