NEW FOR 2018: Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster

New for 2018 will be the Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster. The ride will be featured in Rockville at the previous site of Power Surge. Golden Lasso Coaster will be a single-rail coaster constructed by Rocky Mountain Construction. This coaster will be the first of its kind found in the world.

Open-Air View & Intense Elements

Fiesta Texas has announced the the ride will provide an open-air view. The seating will be in-line with no obstructions. Guests will have a great view of the quarry wall as well as the other surroundings.

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster will also be full of fantastic roller coaster elements. The ride includes a 90-degree first drop, two airtime hills, over banked turns, a zero-g roll, and a 180-degree stall.


Wonder Woman Golden Lasso of Truth will feature theming that is similar to the recent Wonder Woman movie release. Guests will walk through a "Princess Diana in Themyscira" storyline that will be full of tropical foliage as well as a look at Steve Trevor's crashed airplane.

Check back with Six Flags Fiesta Texas Source as more details about Wonder Woman Golden Lasso of Truth and the rest of 2018 are revealed.

Information/Media: Six Flags, Inc.