42 Inches
Lapbar Restraints
High Thrill

Opened 1992
Closed July 23, 2017
Ride Type Shoot the Chute
Ride Height 50 Feet
Ride Length 808 Feet
Maximum Speed 36 MPH
Manufacturer Intamin

High Price Design

Power Surge was one of the original rides that opened with the rest of the park in 1992. This attraction had quite the interesting design to fit perfectly inside Fiesta Texas.

In the photo above you will see that some of the quarry wall was actually carved out to accommodate the ride’s lift hill and turn to the first drop. A project like this most likely added a few dollar signs to the ride's overall construction costs.

Power Surge was demolished in the summer of 2017 to make way for Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster. Supports and other remnants of Power Surge can still be seen when riding Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster.

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