2017 White Water Bay Opening, Mardi Gras Updates


We visited the park this past weekend and no new visible construction has progressed on Thunder Rapids Water Coaster from what we could see. Keep checking back for construction updates as they become available. The ride is currently scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend.

Click HERE for past construction updates.

The Mardi Gras Festival is shaping up to be quite a fantastic event. Information that has become available to us is that the park will feature tons of decorations, especially near the entrance gate. Entrance gate theming is expected to be up in time for the park's opening in February. We have also confirmed that the parade will run twice a day on the back half of the park (around SkyScreamer and Kidzopolis). Themed food and adult beverages will also be abundant during the park's event. Kern Studios, a well-known Mardi Gras float design company, is working full force on the floats and things are coming along fantastically. We will provide more updates and media as it formulates.