White Water Bay
48 Inches
High Thrill
Multi-Person Raft
Single Rider Line

Opened June 3, 2017
Ride Type RocketBLAST Water Coaster
Ride Height 35 Feet
Ride Length 942 Feet
Manufacturer ProSlide Technology
Ride Colors Green, Teal, White, & Black

America's First & Hill Country Racer

Thunder Rapids Water Coaster is the first ride of its type in America. The ride features five upward blasts to give the ride the coaster element as well as four saucer sections.

In 2016, Hill Country Racer was removed from the park to make way for Thunder Rapids. Hill Country Racer was a multi-lane racing slide that was situated in White Water Bay from 2006 through 2016. Before calling Fiesta Texas home, Hill Country Racer was located at the defunct AstroWorld theme park in Houston.

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