Thunder Rapids Water Coaster Tour (Update 4) & More

A look at the progress of the Celebrate! effects bridge.

This will be the first hill of Thunder Rapids.

A look at saucer construction in progress.

More footers await supports and slide pieces.

Another shot of more ride footers.

These pumps will power the launched hills.

The green area will be the final run-out.

Another shot of the top of the first hill.

These footers will likely hold one of the ride saucers.

This ride saucer is the most complete.

The first of many ride saucers.

Another look at the run-out area.

The first ride saucer leading into the first powered launch hill.

A closer look at the first saucer.

The first lift hill, not yet built, will be a conveyor belt.

A close-up of the first ride saucer.

More enclosed slide has yet to be installed.

Other attractions in White Water Bay have been given a fresh coat of paint.