The Joker Carnival of Chaos (Update 11), DC Super-Villains Swing (Update 6), Other Park Projects

This new structure, located in Los Festivales near the park entrance, appears to be the future home of a retail location.

A Batman statue has been installed next to Candy Storm as this area of the park continues its DC Universe transformation.

The Joker Carnival of Chaos as seen from the park’s quarry clifftop.

New landscaping has been added around The Joker Carnival of Chaos entrance and ride perimeter.

A second look at new landscape features.

A new wall, shade structures, and string lighting make up the back end of The Joker’s queue line.

The main entrance to The Joker is fully visible and complete.

A look at the exterior of The Joker’s fun house queue, now equipped with more detail.

New banners have been placed around The Joker, featuring other DC Comics villains. Want to learn more about these banners? Click HERE

Detailed DC Comics character signage has been added to the queue line for DC Super-Villains Swing.

New construction is taking place in the park’s Rockville area.

The new structure can be seen popping up next to Batman: The Ride’s queue line.

This new structure in Rockville appears to be a deck of some sort.