The Joker Carnival of Chaos (Update 7), DC Super-Villains Swing (Update 3) & Summer Entertainment Enhancements

A second effects bridge, seen on the left side of this photo, has been added for the returning Celebrate! Summer Night Spectacular. This is the second effects expansion since the show debuted in 2017.

The stage area of Sundance Theatre has been repainted in preparation for a brand new summer show later this season.

The tech booth and other structures in Sundance Theatre have also been repainted to match the stage.

Support structures for The Joker Carnival of Chaos have arrived and are being prepped for installation.

Another look at the ride’s main support pieces with the indoor queue structure in the background.

Though hard to see, the ride pad also now has multi-colored concrete poured.

The top piece of The Joker Carnival of Chaos also appears to be ready for installation.

More pieces of The Joker Carnival of Chaos, including the ride’s loading platform, are sitting near Batman: The Ride.

DC Super-Villains Swing installation is now in progress after being refurbished.

Formerly known as Whirligig, DC Super-Villains Swing is being installed in the same location, but will have a new theme.

The operator booth and queue shade structures at DC Super-Villains Swing have also been repainted to fit the new theme.