54 Inches
Lapbar/Seatbelt Restraints
High Thrill
Flash Pass Attraction

Opened May 28, 1999
Ride Type Steel LIM Launch Coaster
Ride Height 79 Feet
Track Length 2,705 Feet
Maximum Speed 60 MPH
Inversions 4
Trains 2
Cars Per Train 6
Riders Per Car 4
Manufacturer Premier Rides
Track Color Yellow
Support Color Green

A past park map showing off the former location of Seaside Golf.

Let's Golf

Before the addition of Poltergeist, this area of Six Flags Fiesta Texas invited guests to a classic round of mini golf. Seaside Golf resided in the current Poltergeist location from 1992 through 1998. During this time, the patch of land was considered a part of Fiesta Bay Boardwalk. It was eventually removed to make way for a more thrilling prospect. Seaside Golf is highlighted on this 1998 park map.

Flight of Fear, an indoor clone of Poltergeist, at Kings Island in Ohio. Credit: Theme Park Archive

Interesting Clones

Poltergeist is one of five roller coasters of its layout found across the world. Some of these clones are more interesting than others. Both Kings Island and Kings Dominion have a model called Flight of Fear. These two roller coasters are indoor versions of Poltergeist with special lighting effects and an alien theme. The other three, including Poltergeist, are all more traditional in the fact that they reside outside. Have you been on any other installments of this roller coaster?

Ride History


  • Over-the-shoulder restraints are replaced with lapbar/seatbelt restraints.


  • Poltergeist receives a paint job: yellow track and green supports.

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