Crackaxle Canyon
48 Inches
Over-the-Shoulder Restraints
High Thrill

Opening 2020
Ride Type Super Air Race
Ride Height 48 Feet
Center Rotation 6.5 RPM
Number of Planes 6
Riders Per Plane 4
Riders Per Hour 480
Manufacturer Zamperla
Ride Colors Maroon, Navy & Gold

New for 2020

Dare Devil Dive Flying Machines soars into Fiesta Texas and Crackaxle Canyon for the 2020 season. The tallest ride of its kind in the world, riders board 6 retro-style aircraft units and experience zero-G rolls, inverted weightlessness, loops, dives, and even aerial banks!

Interactive Ride Experience

Dare Devil Dive Flying Machines will feature a steampunk theme to fit in with the new overlay coming to Crackaxle Canyon. The ride’s main entrance will be adorned with signage that features moving, gear-like effects. Once in the queue line, guests will be face-to-face with a story-telling experience to tie the ride theme together. Other themed pieces and structures are set to interact with the ride during each cycle. Dare Devil Dive Flying Machines will also feature on-ride audio.

Construction Updates

Coming Soon!

Concept Art