Drop of Doom VR Coming to Scream July 14th

The park officially announced today that virtual reality will be coming to Scream, the park's S&S launch tower.

The VR concept is entitled Drop of Doom. In this setting, riders will be put into a simulated world where they participate in a gun battle with giant spiders. Riders will be equipped with the Samsung Gear VR headset, commonly used for virtual reality attractions throughout the Six Flags chain.

This is the first time virtual reality makes it's way back into Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Last year, VR was featured on Superman Krypton Coaster during the summer months and was themed around the superhero himself.

mySA has announced that the park anticipates adding this VR experience to Scream beginning on July 14th. No announcement has been made as to how long the feature will be available.

Here is a look at the Drop of Doom promo video from the official Six Flags Fiesta Texas YouTube channel: