The Joker Carnival of Chaos (Update 4), Hustler (Update 2), DC Universe & General Park Updates

Work is taking place at Sundance Theatre for the park’s all new nightly show coming this summer.

New siding and paint is taking place on multiple buildings in the Crackaxle Canyon area of the park.

The transformation of Aztek Nachos is in full swing as the building has been completely repainted.

New wood and improvements are taking place in the area that will soon become DC Universe.

The Johnny Rockets in Spassburg (soon to be DC Universe) has been given a fresh coat of paint.

Main footers have been poured for The Joker Carnival of Chaos.

The Joker Carnival of Chaos is set to open this summer.

Four main footers will serve as the foundation of the record-breaking attraction.


The Rising Waters racing game in Rockville has been themed to Nintendo.

The dance floor in front of Sangerfest Halle Stage has also been refurbished.

Hustler’s main entrance has been painted and refreshed.

The shade structures near the boarding area of the ride have also been repainted.

All pool ball ride vehicles and the floor have undergone extensive refurbishment.