Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster (Update 6) & More

The Celebrate! effects bridge has been expanded for 2018.

No notable work has happened on the outside of the new Pirates of the Deep Sea dark ride.

Taz's Tornado has received a fresh paint job for 2018.

A look at the Wonder Woman construction site.

The early stages of some of Wonder Woman's queue line are in progress.

Each Wonder Woman train carries 8 passengers.

A look at the final brake section before re-entering the station.

Crews are mostly done working on the lift hill catwalk.

A look at some of the track work for Wonder Woman.

Station construction is coming along well.

A footer left behind by Power Surge.

Looking up from under the ride.

Wonder Woman has many intense elements, including 3 inversions.

The ride also features a 90-degree first drop.

A look at work happening on the exit ramp.

The entrance pillars and gift shop are also coming along nicely.

This area will be full of water soon.

A closer look at the track layout.

This planter will also be home to a Wonder Woman statue at the ride entrance.

Another look at station progress for Wonder Woman.

Crews were testing trains on this day.

A look at the entrance sign to Wonder Woman.

Work on relocating the Grand Carousel is underway.


A paint sample on light posts in Spassburg. This will potentially be their new color/design.