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Holiday in the Park 2018: What is New? What is Leaving?

The most wonderful time of the year at Six Flags Fiesta Texas returns on November 17th and operates on select dates through January 6th. The park is transformed into a holiday wonderland with award-winning entertainment, holiday decor everywhere, and many other activities that are great for families and children.

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Healthiest In-Park Food Options This Summer

Being on a diet or having a food allergy doesn't exactly go hand-in-hand with visiting a theme park or being on vacation. Six Flags Fiesta Texas doesn't have the most health-conscious line-up of food in the theme park world, but we have narrowed down the healthiest options that the park is currently offering. 

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Top 4 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is arguably one of the hottest theme parks in the country! It can be difficult to stay cool due to the nature of the park. Its young age presents a lack of larger trees and it also doesn't help that you are literally in a hole dug out of the ground. While the quarry wall atmosphere is striking and unique, it impedes plant growth and air flow. 

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