Healthiest In-Park Food Options This Summer

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Being on a diet or having a food allergy doesn't exactly go hand-in-hand with visiting a theme park or being on vacation. Six Flags Fiesta Texas doesn't have the most health-conscious line-up of food in the theme park world, but we have narrowed down the healthiest options that the park is currently offering. Many of these options have been added within the last season or two so hopefully this is a positive trend for future changes in their food offerings.

Healthier Entree Options

You may have noticed that we used the word "healthier" instead of healthy...that's because any of these food items can easily be turned into an unhealthy option. We will leave that up to you! Here's a look at healthier food options by restaurant:

Old Blue's BBQ

Located in Crackaxle Canyon, Old Blue's BBQ has one entree that is a healthier option: the Chicken Spinach Salad. Side salads are also available. The Chicken Spinach Salad is a meal on the Dining Pass while the side salad is a snack.

Pete's Eats

Pete's Eats is an indoor restaurant located in Rockville. This location actually features an option that is vegetarian-friendly: the Black Bean Burger on a Pretzel Bun. Is this a Dining Pass option? Unfortunately, it isn't advertised one way or the other.

Primo's Pizzeria

Also located in Rockville, Primo's has a couple of healthier options beyond their pizza-filled menu: the Caesar Chicken Salad and a side salad. The Caesar Chicken Salad is a meal on the Dining Pass while the side salad is a snack.

Sangerfest Halle

Sangerfest Halle, located in Spassburg, is the park's largest indoor restaurant. There are three healthier menu options here: the Chicken Caesar Salad, the Chicken Garden Salad, and whole fruit. Both salad options are a meal on the Dining Pass while whole fruit is a snack option.

Gluten-Free Offerings

As you can see, the healthy options are certainly limited but not completely unavailable. Have a food allergy? The park has become more gluten allergy-friendly in recent seasons.

Gluten-Free Pizza

  • Primo's Pizzeria in Rockville

Gluten-Free Smoothes

Gluten-Free Cookies

  • Old Blue's BBQ in Crackaxle Canyon

Bottled Water

We know this isn't exactly a food option but I think it is worth mentioning that you can use your snack on the Dining Pass to pick up a 20-ounce bottle of water at the following locations:

Bee Bop's in Rockville

Bee Bop's in Rockville

Mockingbird Funnel Cakes in Los Festivales

Mockingbird Funnel Cakes in Los Festivales

Notable Mentions

These aren't exactly what we would consider "healthy" options, but they rank higher on the list than loaded nachos or a funnel cake supreme.

Roasted Corn/Corn in a Cup

  • Roasted corn or corn in a cup can be found at two different Roasted Corn locations in the park: Los Festivales and Crackaxle Canyon. Both options come as plain corn and then you decide what toppings you'd like to throw in.

Chicken Tender Baskets

  • Have you ever looked at the calorie count of a chicken tender basket at Six Flags? Well, this is one of the lowest entree calorie counts in the whole park. We're not going to say that these aren't loaded with carbs and sodium, but if you are counting calories then this may be a decent option. You can find calorie counts for food options on the menus at each restaurant. These entrees are available at: Bubba's Cafe in Crackaxle Canyon, Little Kidz Cafe in Spassburg, Pete's Eats in Rockville, Cactus Jack's in Crackaxle Canyon/White Water Bay, Totally Kickin' Chicken in Crackaxle Canyon, Tidal Wave Cafe in White Water Bay, and Johnny Rockets in both Fiesta Bay Boardwalk and Spassburg.

Avoiding Beef?

While we have just laid out the chicken tender basket option above, there are a couple more options for those of you who are simply trying to avoid beef.

Canyon Smokehouse in Crackaxle Canyon.

Canyon Smokehouse in Crackaxle Canyon.

  • Turkey legs can be found at three different locations in the park: Canyon Smokehouse in Crackaxle Canyon, Old Blue's BBQ in Crackaxle Canyon, and Sangerfest Halle in Spassburg.
  • Want chicken but don't want strips? Chicken sandwiches are available at Old Blue's BBQ in Crackaxle Canyon.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article helps you pick out healthier options in the park if you have been struggling. As you can see, there simply aren't a lot of healthy options when visiting a theme park. However, you can still likely find something you'll enjoy from the limited list.

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