Ride Rivalries is an annual vote held at SFFT Source to determine your favorite Six Flags Fiesta Texas roller coaster, flat ride, water ride, and water park attraction (White Water Bay). Voting in December ensures that park visitors can ride new attractions as well as enjoy their preexisting favorites. At the end of the voting process we tally up all the votes and pick the favorites from each category as decided by our website visitors. Ties for the top three positions in each category will be determined via a tie breaker poll within our Facebook group the day voting closes each year. Use the tabs above to view results from past years.

Ride Rivalries 2018

Voting Ends: Friday, December 14th

Results Announced: Saturday, December 15th

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Select your favorite roller coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
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Select your favorite flat ride attraction at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
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Select your favorite water ride attraction at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
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Select your favorite water park attraction inside White Water Bay at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

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Ride Rivalries 2017 Results

Ride Rivalries 2017 was a bracket-style tournament to determine the best of each category.

Roller Coasters

Result Attraction
1st Iron Rattler
2nd Poltergeist
3rd Road Runner Express
4th Superman Krypton Coaster
5th (T) Batman: The Ride
Kiddee Koaster
9th Goliath

Flat Rides

Result Attraction
1st Scooby-Doo Ghostblasters
2nd SkyScreamer
3rd Crow's Nest
4th Hurricane Force 5
5th (T) Scream
Screamin' Eagle Zipline
Wave Runner
9th (T) Amerigoround
Fender Bender
Fiesta Texas Railroad
Thunder Beach Speedway
17th (T) Texas Gunslinger
The Twister

Water Rides

Result Attraction
1st Bugs' White Water Rapids
2nd Gully Washer

Water Park Attractions

Result Attraction
1st Thunder Rapids Water Coaster
2nd Bermuda Triangle
3rd Texas Tumble
4th Big Bender
5th (T) Bahama Blaster
White Water Canyon
9th (T) Bamboo Chutes
Lone Star Lagoon
Paradise Cove
Paradise Plunge
Riptide Runner
Splash Water Springs
Texas Treehouse
Typhoon Twister