Next to Rockville High School

42 Inches

Medium Thrill

Lapbar Restraints


• Opened: 1992

• Closed: July 23rd, 2017

• Type: Shoot-the-Chute

• Ride Height: 50 Feet

• Ride Length: 808 Feet

• Maximum Speed: 36 MPH

• Ride Manufacturer: Intamin

Did You Know?

Power Surge

High Price Design

Power Surge is one of the original rides that opened with the rest of the park in 1992. The next time you ride or are in Rockville, check out Power Surge's design.

If you look at the turn at the top of it's lift hill you will see that during construction the quarry wall was carved out to accommodate the ride's layout. A project like this most likely added a few dollar signs to the ride's overall construction costs.

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