Grand Carousel Now Open, Extensive Dining Page Changes

harley quinn ride vid Copy.jpg

The Grand Carousel officially opened on July 18th at its new home in Spassburg next to Sangerfest Halle. It is important to note that Grand Carousel currently has exclusive previews during the first half of the day and then is opened to everyone from 4pm until park close. Please refer to the banner above for exact guidelines. For more information about Grand Carousel, including height requirements, ride history, and media, please click the button below.

We've made some big changes to the Dining pages here at SFFT Source. Previously, if you visited a specific restaurant's page, you could see a general list of menu items and information. You are now able to see what items are available on the Dining Pass AND if there is an additional charge involved. We've color-coated them just how you would see them at the park (red M for meal and blue S for snack). Please note that the park can change restaurant menu items at any time as well as Dining Pass offerings. We will work diligently to keep this updated and accurate.

The other big change to the main Dining page is a filtering system. The default layout of the Dining page is a listing of all restaurants divided up by their area location in the park. You can now click on tabs to "filter" how you view the restaurant listing. The tabs are organized by Dining Pass Options, Souvenir Cup Refills, Meal Deals Accepted, and Alcohol Served. These four main components are what we feel are most important when deciding on what locations to check out while you're at the park. Click the button below to view our Dining page.

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