Construction Update, Numerous Website Updates, & Photo Additions

IMG_1138 copy.jpg

We've made a ton of updates to our website. These include a brand new construction update featuring Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster and many other in-park changes and improvements. We've also added nearly 100 brand new images of various parts of Fiesta Texas.

Here are some other major changes that have taken place on SFFT Source:

A second lemonade stand has been added to Crackaxle Canyon. We have no renamed Crackaxle Lemonade to Lemonade (Sundance) and created a brand new page for the other lemonade stand. This new stand is named Lemonade (Lone Star Lil's).

Menu updates have been added to these dining pages: Bee Bop's, La Cantina, and Windmill Ice House.

General changes to the Dining page include the addition of Dining Pass options to both La Cantina and Windmill Ice House.

A brand new page has been added for the park's new dining option: Cocktails on the Corner.

We've added a new page for Pirates of the Deep Sea, the park's brand new dark ride attraction coming later this year.

Here is a list of pages/galleries that all have brand new images from this weekend's visit to the park:


  • ¡Bailando!

  • V!BE


  • Der Pilger Bahnhof

  • Gully Washer

  • Texas Gunslinger

Performance Venues

  • Sundance Theatre


  • Blue Snowman Ice Cream

  • Cocktails on the Corner

  • Funnel-Liscious

  • Lemonade (Lone Star Lil's)


  • Heroes

Park Areas

  • Crackaxle Canyon