Visit Planner Revamped for 2018 Season

We have revamped the Visit Planner page to reflect changes and updates coming to the park for the 2018 season.

What is the Visit Planner?

The Visit Planner is a simplified way to plan your visit to Fiesta Texas. This page has been purposefully designed in a simple matter as many options during your visit can become overwhelming. The Visit Planner includes information regarding tickets, passes, parking, dining, shopping, Flash Pass, and more. We break down all of these categories so you can see what is included as well as note our personal recommendations.

What has changed for 2018?

A few changes have been made to various parts of the Visit Planner for 2018. The park is now offering a Gold Plus Membership that includes many brand new perks. We've added this as well as the park-built chart comparison that sets pass and membership options side-by-side to compare benefits. One-Day Dining Deals started to pop up at the park last season. You can now purchase these online. We've added information regarding this dining option. We've simplified the layout of our Visit Planner even more so that all information is straight-forward and not overwhelming.

We update the Visit Planner periodically throughout the season to reflect changes that may have been made by the park.

If you have any questions regarding Visit Planner please do not hesitate to ask in the comments below!

- Click HERE to visit the Visit Planner page.

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