Live Shows Page Revamp

From Memphis to Motown (2017)

From Memphis to Motown (2017)

We've completed a little work on our Live Shows page in an effort to provide information in an easier-to-navigate manner.

Shows & Show Times

All current shows and show times are now laid out as the first item you will see when you visit the Live Shows page. Provided is information regarding the show name, location, description, and show times for the next three days.

Contact Us

Planning a trip in advance and need show times for a future date? Feel free to hit the Contact Us button. Provide us with the date(s) you are planning to visit and we can send you show time information.

Quick Navigation

If you are using a computer you will now be able to jump from area to area on the Live Shows page using the quick navigation provided on the right-hand side of your screen.

Mobile Compatibility

With these updates the mobile compatibility of the page is much easier to navigate and understand.

- Click HERE to view the Live Shows page.

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