Website Updates, Past Attractions Listing

- New Design: We recently updated the design to the website slightly. The color scheme is a little easier on the eyes and the overall design is cleaner. The website is now set to function great on any computer resolution or browser.

- Image Galleries: We have built a page exclusively for Image Galleries. This is located under the Extra Features tab at the top navigation as well as a Quick Link on the homepage. This brings all of our image galleries to one page instead of having them scattered throughout the site. Types of galleries include live shows, park events, construction, etc. Images for rides, dining, and shops will still remain exclusive to their pages.

- Photo Updates: We have added many new image galleries to our brand new page and we hope you will check them out. New galleries include: Fright Fest 2016, Monster Mash Bash 2016, Dead Man's Party 2016, Skeleton Krew 2016, and Rock Apocalypse 2016. Click HERE to view these galleries.

- Past Attractions: A Past Attractions page has been added under the Attractions navigation bar. This page features a list of all past attractions located in the park and other comprehensive information.

- Mobile Issues: The mobile version of the website had a few glitches, such as news stories coming up blank, but these have been corrected.

- Holiday in the Park: We are working diligently on a comprehensive guide for Holiday in the Park. We already have show information (which can be found on the Live Shows page) and once the park gives more information we will present it.

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