Interactive Mardi Gras Map

Interactive Map

SFFT Source provides a full interactive map featuring locations of the Mardi Gras Parade route, live entertainment, and more.

New For 2018

Additional Parade Floats & Nighttime Parade

  • The intricately designed 16-foot tall floats will represent a variety of themes, including three new additions. The first features bright purple clusters of grapes, with Bacchus himself making an appearance, the second will feature favorite symbols of the musical and gastronomic offerings from the French Quarter, and the third will be embellished with a detailed pirate theme!

  • The daily, high-energy parade will take to the Rockville, Kidzopolis and Spassburg streets one hour before the park closes. Select dates will only feature a daytime parade. Please visit our Show Schedule to see daily parade times.

  • Diamond and Diamond Elite members will also have the chance to participate in the parade or observe from a new VIP area.

Additional Live Entertainment

  • Fiesta Texas will be bringing back the King William Brass Band for the 2018 event and they will be playing on the all-new Rockville Outdoor Stage in front of Rockville High. A NEW Mardi Gras-themed band will also make their debut in 2018 and they are called the King of N'Awlins Swing. They will be featured at the Texas State Square Stage in Los Festivales. The park's award-winning line-up of entertainment is also included, which features the all-new ¡Bailando! show in Teatro Fiesta.

New Food & Drink Options

  • On top of a plethora of previous food options, new food and drink options will include bread pudding, New Orleans Hurricanes, and Comfort Collins.

Mardi Gras Parade

The Mardi Gras Parade

The Mardi Gras Parade

  • The Mardi Gras Parade takes place once each day during the festival's operation. 

  • Most days will feature a nighttime parade (please see our Show Schedule for parade days and times).

  • During the nighttime parade, floats are decked out in special lighting effects.

  • Three brand new floats have been added to the parade this year.

  • Guests will be selected at random throughout the day to participate in the parade. These selected guests will be able to dress up in special Mardi Gras attire and ride the floats during the parade.

  • The parade route is outlined with golden tape. The Mardi Gras Festival logo will be placed throughout the route. These logo locations are where the most beads will be thrown out.

  • Music written exclusively for the park will play during the parade.

  • All floats have been designed and built by Kern Studios, a New Orleans-based company that specializes in Mardi Gras-themed floats.

  • Some of the parade floats are up to 16 feet tall.

Live Entertainment

Live entertainment is a Fiesta Texas staple and many options can be found around the park. Live entertainment includes a great mix of the park's Spring/Summer show line-up as well as specialty entertainment brought in just for the Mardi Gras Festival.


King William Brass Band

Rockville Outdoor Stage

The King William Brass Band can be heard playing numerous jazz and Mardi Gras hits in Rockville and during the Mardi Gras Parade.


King of N'Awlins Swing

Texas State Square Stage

Brand new for 2018, the King of N'Awlins Swing will make their debut on the Texas State Square Stage in Los Festivales playing great Mardi Gras-themed music.



Teatro Fiesta

¡Bailando!, new for the 2018 season, is a journey through today's top Latin hits. The production is full of singing, dancing, and a live band.



Teatro Fiesta

V!BE returns to Teatro Fiesta for the 2018 season and features today's popular pop hits. The line-up includes music by Bruno Mars, Zedd, Carrie Underwood, HRVY and much more.

Vinyl Countdown: Volume II

Vinyl Countdown: Volume II

Zaragoza Theatre

Returning to Zaragoza Theatre for the 2018 season, this show features one-hit wonders from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s. BEGINS MAY 5TH


Specialty Food & Drink

Mardi Gras Village

Mardi Gras Village

Mardi Gras Festival presents a plethora of food and drink options. Some of these options are even available as an option your Dining Pass. Here's a look at some of the food and drink options below:

Mardi Gras Village (Rockville)

Please Note: Mardi Gras Village is open 2:00pm until 30 minutes prior to park closing.

  • Beignets (Dining Pass Snack Item)

  • Mardi Gras Popcorn (Dining Pass Snack Item)

  • Mardi Gras Cotton Candy (Dining Pass Snack Item)

  • Zapp's Crawtator Chips (Dining Pass Snack Item)

  • Zapp's Voodoo Chips (Dining Pass Snack Item)

  • Bread Pudding

  • New Orleans Famous Praline

  • Gumbo (Dining Pass Meal Item)

  • Jambalaya (Dining Pass Meal Item)

  • Muffalettas (Dining Pass Meal Item)

  • Cajun Shrimp & Crawfish Po'Boys

  • Shrimp Boil

Mardi Gras Booth (Los Festivales)

  • Beignets (Dining Pass Snack Item)

  • Mardi Gras Popcorn (Dining Pass Snack Item)

  • Mardi Gras Cotton Candy (Dining Pass Snack Item)

  • Bread Pudding (Dining Pass Snack Item)

Johnny Rockets & Totally Kickin' Chicken

  • Mardi Gras Shake (Dining Pass Snack Item)

Adult Drink Options

These drinks can be found at three locations in the park: Thirsty Buffalo Saloon in Crackaxle Canyon, Cocktails on the Corner in Rockville, and the Mardi Gras Village.

  • New Orleans Hurricanes

  • Pimm's Lemonade

  • Comfort Collins


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