Crackaxle Canyon

Near Gully Washer

Outdoor Amphitheater


Bench Seating


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The Celebrate! Summer Night Spectacular has returned for summer 2018. This show is bigger and better than ever featuring a fireworks display as well as lighting, fountain, projection and laser effects along the park's quarry wall. You can find seating for this show inside Lone Star Lil's Amphitheater.

Did You Know?

Monster Mash Bash

Monster Mash Bash

Perhaps one of the most popular productions at Six Flags Fiesta Texas is Monster Mash Bash that takes place every season during Fright Fest. Monster Mash Bash is a live show full of singing, dancing, a live band, and pyrotechnics. Recently, more of a story has been added to the show that will sometimes span over seasons making it a must-see for many guests. Monster Mash Bash was also a crucial part of the park winning the Golden Ticket Award for Best Theme Park Shows for 10 years straight.

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