Fiesta Bay Boardwalk

Next to Crow's Nest

48 Inches

 Medium Thrill

Lapbar Restraints


• Opened: May 14th, 2016

• Type: Disk'O

• Ride Height: 35 Feet

• Inversions: 0

• Ride Manufacturer: Zamperla

• Ride Colors: Yellow, Blue

Did You Know?


Bayside Paddle Boats & Frisbee

The current Hurricane Force 5 has actually been formally occupied by two attractions. Bayside Paddle Boats resided in this location on Fiesta Bay Boardwalk from 1994 through 1998, opening with the park's addition of this area.

Frisbee took over this area of the park once Bayside Paddle Boats was removed and stood tall all the way until the end of the 2015 season.

Today, the footers of Frisbee can still be found near Hurricane Force 5.

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