General Information
42 Inches (None w/Adult)
Low Thrill

Ride Statistics
Opened: 1992
Type: Carousel
Ride Manufacturer: Morgan
Ride Colors: Green, Cream, Various

Ride History
• Amerigoround is moved from the Spassburg park area to Rockville.

• Amerigoround is moved back to Spassburg, near Sangerfest Halle, after extensive refurbishment. Amerigoround is also renamed Grand Carousel.
Grand Carousel

Taking a Move

Amerigoround was installed in 1992 in the Sangerfest section of the park in front of the present-day Kidzopolis children's area.

In 2009, Amerigoround was moved to Rockville and took over the spot once occupied by the Chaos attraction (removed in 2005).

Grand Carousel

Taking a Move: Part Two

In the summer of 2017, Six Flags Fiesta Texas announced that Power Surge would be demolished to make way for a new 2018 attraction: Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster. It was also announced that Amerigoround would also be moved to make way for the new attraction.

In November of 2017, the park began dismantling the ride. The ride underwent an extensive refurbishment with an outside company. On July 18th, 2018, the ride reopened in its brand new home next to Sangerfest Halle in Spassburg.

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