General Information
Los Festivales
54 Inches
Over-the-Shoulder Restraints
High Thrill
Flash Pass Attraction

Ride Statistics
Opened: April 18th, 2008
Type: Steel Inverted Coaster
Height: 105 Feet
Drop Height: 80 Feet
Track Length: 2,693 Feet
Max Speed: 50 MPH
Inversions: 5
Trains: 2
Cars Per Train: 7
Riders Per Car: 4
Ride & Train Manufacturer: B&M
Track Color: Blue
Support Color: Yellow

Ride History
• Goliath is transported from the defunct Six Flags New Orleans and relocated to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

• Goliath receives a paint job during the off-season - blue track with yellow supports.
 The Joker at Six Flags Over Texas

Goliath Stands Alone in Clones

This particular ride layout is quite common among many Six Flags parks. Starting in the early 1990s, these B&M Inverted coasters began to pop up and were themed around Batman.

Batman: The Ride exists at 6 of the following parks: Six Flags Over Texas, Great America, Magic Mountain, Great Adventure, St. Louis, and Six Flags Over Georgia.

The ride is so common that 3 of them exist in the state of Texas alone (Fiesta Texas, Six Flags Over Texas, and SeaWorld San Antonio.

What make's Fiesta's model unique? It is a "mirrored" version of the ride and it is also not themed around Batman.

 The Motorama Turnpike Once Called Fiesta Texas Home

Hurricane Katrina

Ever wonder where the roller coaster came from? It was actually not brand new when it was installed. The ride was taken out of the defunct Six Flags New Orleans and transported to Fiesta Texas. In fact, before it was at Six Flags New Orleans the ride was at a theme park called Thrill Valley in Japan.

Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina destroyed Six Flags New Orleans in 2005. When Six Flags realized that the park would not reopen it began to relocate many of the rides that survived the catastrophe. Goliath was one of the rides that survived.

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