Fright Fest officially began during the 1989 season at Six Flags Over Texas. However, Fiesta Texas was not born until 1992 nor managed under the Six Flags name until 1996. Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a leading park in terms of live entertainment and Fright Fest is no exception. The park's premier show, Monster Mash Bash, helped win Fiesta Texas the Golden Ticket for best shows 10 years in a row and continues to be a popular staple during Fright Fest.

Today, Fiesta Texas provides guests with numerous live shows, haunted houses, and scare zones. In 2016, Fiesta Texas was also the first Six Flags park to offer free admission to their haunted houses. The park has also added great special effects for Fright Fest including a fire-breathing rooftop dragon and a large building projection display in Spassburg. Each year, the event continues to expand and this seems to be the continuing trend each season.

Live Entertainment

Fiesta Texas is known best for their live entertainment year-round and Fright Fest is no exception. The park provides a great selection of award-winning live shows each season. Here was the show line-up during Fright Fest 2017:

Monster Mash Bash

- Monster Mash Bash: A concert-like production including a live band, singers, dancers, and pyrotechnics. Located in Lone Star Lil's Amphitheater.

- Dead Man's Party: A ghost-filled show featuring new and old mainstream music hits with a comedic touch. Located in Zaragoza Theatre.

- Monster Boogie: A musical revue showcasing many pop hits from today and yesterday. Located in Teatro Fiesta.

- Rock Apocalypse: A show filled with great classic rock tunes equipped with a live band. Located in Sundance Theatre.

- The Arrival: All scare zone monsters gather for a train ride around the park before arriving at Whistle Stop station and terrorizing park guests. Located in Crackaxle Canyon at Whistle Stop. 

Haunted Houses

Fiesta Texas made the decision to offer free admission to all of their haunted houses for the 2016 season and continued to offer this through 2017. However, premium options are still available for purchase. Here is the line-up of haunted houses during the 2017 season:

Buried Alive Haunted House

- Blood Bayou Haunted Trail: New for 2017, an outdoor haunt with a chilling campground setting. Located in Crackaxle Canyon.

- Buried Alive: Themed around an abandoned coal mine. Located in Crackaxle Canyon.

- CarnEvil 3D: New for 2017, clown-themed haunted house that takes place in a 3D setting. Located in Fiesta Bay Boardwalk.

- RockKill High School: A house taking place inside the Rockville High School theatre themed to the Rockville area. Located in Rockville.

- Slaughterhouse 6: Themed with all the great sights of a slaughterhouse. Located in Crackaxle Canyon.

- Torture Chamber: Themed around a spirit-filled torture chamber. Located in Spassburg.

Scare Zones

Scare Zones are a great addition to the park as it gives all guests who don't want to enter a haunted house a chance for a good scare from one of the roaming characters. Here were the available scare zones during the 2017 season:

Zombie Apocalypse Scare Zone

- Aftermath: A post-apocalyptic crash zone. Located in Crackaxle Canyon.

- Chupacabras From Hell: One of Texas' biggest urban legends comes to life. Located in Los Festivales near the park entrance.

- Circus Berzerkus: A clown-themed zone that goes along nicely with the Fear House haunted house. Located in Fiesta Bay Boardwalk.

- Wicked Hollow: A European witchcraft theme. Located in Spassburg.

- Zombie Apocalypse: Straight out of an old horror film, zombies dressed in their Rockville best. Located in Rockville.

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