Live Entertainment

Fiesta Texas is known best for their live entertainment year-round and Fright Fest is no exception. The park provides a great selection of award-winning live shows each season. Here was the show line-up during Fright Fest 2018:

Monster Mash Bash

The legendary Monster Mash Bash returns to Fright Fest and features pop and rock hits from today and yesterday. This show features pyrotechnics and a live band. Monster Mash Bash takes place inside Lone Star Lil’s Amphitheater.

House of Bones

House of Bones, BRAND NEW for Fright Fest 2018, makes its way to Fiesta Texas and the Zaragoza Theatre. The cast features a voodoo master, gypsy queen, and their band that sing spooky songs guaranteed to get you into the Halloween spirit.

Rock Apocalypse

Rock Apocalypse, a true guest-favorite, returns for 2018 in Sundance Theatre and is the perfect experience for those who enjoy all the classic rock hits. A live band and singers fill out this production.

Monster Boogie

A great show for guests of all ages, these dancing "monsters" showcase many groovy hits from the past, including "Boogie Wonderland" and "Bad." Monster Boogie takes place inside Teatro Fiesta.


The Awakening

The Awakening signifies the beginning of "Fright" in Fright Fest. Monsters will make their arrival all throughout the park to terrorize guests as the evening intensifies! The Awakening takes place park-wide.


Haunted Houses

Fiesta Texas made the decision to offer free admission to all of their haunted houses for the 2016 season and continued to offer this through 2018. However, premium options are still available for purchase. Here is the line-up of haunted houses during the 2018 season:


Midnight Museum of the Macabre

Established at the turn of the century, this museum features morbid collections, interesting curiosities, and collections found to be cursed. Guests who enter will discover a past of horrifying exhibits and uncomfortable side shows. Beware as you step into this BRAND NEW haunted attraction. Located in Spassburg.


Blood Bayou Haunted Trail

Blood Bayou began as a small campground. However, the owners soon stumbled upon a hidden cemetery. It was made apparent that people were not welcome on this land. Hikers and campers began to go missing. During your journey, make sure you don't end up finding your name on a gravestone. Located in Crackaxle Canyon.


Buried Alive

Forgotten under the streets of Crackaxle Canyon is an abandoned mine shaft. Make your way underground to soon realize that you are not alone. These catacombs are thriving with the un-dead. Skeleton ghosts, crazy rituals, and maggots are just a few items you are guaranteed to encounter.


CarnEvil 3D

We hope you aren't afraid of clowns. Venture over to Fiesta Bay Boardwalk for a frightening clown experience. This house is filled with clowns of all shapes and sizes. To top it all off, you'll experience all of this with 3D glasses.


RockKill High School

What was once a happy place, Rockville High School has transformed into RockKill High School. Venture the halls of this classic high school and hope that you don't encounter the zombies that lie within the library, classrooms, and gym.


Slaughterhouse 6

The tables have turned inside this haunted attraction. What once seemed like a normal slaughterhouse has quickly evolved into something of nightmares. Can you escape this house without becoming someone's meal? Located in Crackaxle Canyon.

Scare Zones

Scare Zones are a great addition to the park as it gives all guests who don't want to enter a haunted house a chance for a good scare from one of the roaming characters. Here were the available scare zones during the 2018 season:


Soul Harvest

This BRAND NEW scare zone takes over the streets of Texas State Square and Los Festivales for 2018. Beware as this secluded and dilapidated barn setting can turn into a nightmare.



Ever wonder what a post-apocalyptic world may look like? This desolate area of land is prime example. Wreckage, strewn body parts, and an eerie feeling fill this scare zone nightly. Located in Crackaxle Canyon.


Circus Berzerkus

These clowns are no joke. In addition to CarnEvil 3D on Fiesta Bay Boardwalk, the streets of this area are full of frightening clowns, sideshow acts, and creatures you could only find in a freaky circus.


Wicked Hollow

The streets of Spassburg are safe for nobody. Evil witches are abound putting spells on those who enter this area. Hooded and masked figures, as well as gargoyles, also plan to terrify anyone who dares enter.


Zombie Apocalypse

Just when you thought all the zombies were isolated inside RockKill High School you find that they have escaped into the streets of Rockville. Beware of the citizens of Rockville during Fright Fest as they plan to feast on human visitors.


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