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Opened: March 13th, 1999
Ride Type: Steel Boomerang Coaster
Ride Height: 116 Feet
Track Length: 1,019 Feet
Maximum Speed: 47 MPH
Inversions: 6
Trains: 1
Cars Per Train: 7
Riders Per Car: 4
Ride & Train Manufacturer: Vekoma
Track Color: Teal
Support Color: Orange
  Photo Credit: American Coaster Enthusiasts

Photo Credit: American Coaster Enthusiasts

Did You Know?

Before Boomerang was installed at Fiesta Texas in 1999, Frisbee stood in its place in Los Festivales.

Frisbee would be moved to the Fiesta Bay Boardwalk section of the park before being removed for Hurricane Force 5 in 2015.

 The Motorama Turnpike Once Called Fiesta Texas Home

A Theme Park Staple

The Boomerang roller coaster model is actually quite popular around the world. 52 of these same exact models have been installed!

One of these roller coasters even existed in Texas as Flashback! at Six Flags Over Texas. However, Six Flags Over Texas eventually removed the ride and it now resides at Six Flags St. Louis.

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