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• Opened: May 3rd, 2015

• Type: Steel 4th Dimension Coaster

• Height: 120 Feet

• Drop Height: 54 Feet

• Track Length: 1,019 Feet

• Maximum Speed: 38 MPH

• Inversions: Varying

• Cars: 5

• Riders Per Car: 8

• Ride & Train Manufacturer: S&S

• Track Color: Yellow

• Support Color: Black

Did You Know?


The First of its Kind

When Batman: The Ride first opened in 2015, it was the first roller coaster of it's kind in the world. At present day, many other Six Flags parks are beginning to add this model to their coaster line-ups. Ironically, Fiesta Texas' version is the only one themed after Batman while the rest are themed after The Joker.

In 2016, Great Adventure added one of these models. It was originally intended to be named Total Mayhem. However, the ride was quickly renamed to The Joker during construction.

In 2017, both Great America and Six Flags Over Texas added the roller coaster under The Joker theme.


Replacing an Original

When Batman: The Ride was announced in 2014, it marked the end of the Motorama Turnpike, a Morgan Sports Car ride.

Motorama Turnpike is one of the park's original attractions, opening in 1992. The ride featured many 50s luxury cars that guests could take around a track.

Today, only the walkway bridge that went over the old Motorama Turnpike ride still exists between Batman: The Ride and Poltergeist.

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